Why you need to know about decorated sugar cookie decorations, including a fireplace

An Alberta family says they’re not going to be able to use their sugar cookie decoration until a federal court rules in favour of the family who built the fireplace.

The family of Sarah, a diabetic from Calgary, has been battling the fire safety and safety measures in their home for months and say they’re worried they will be unable to decorate their sugar cookies with the decorative firestarters until a court decides in their favour.

Sarah and her husband, Mark, are in a bitter legal battle with their builder, a builder who has been granted a new lease of life by the government.

The dispute is set to come to court next week.

Sarah’s husband says they built the sugar cookie fireplaces and then they were denied permission to use the fireplaces in their house because they were decorated with firework and fireworks.

“It was very difficult,” said Sarah.

“We thought, ‘OK, this is our home, we have our own fireplaces.

We should be allowed to have those in the house, and the government says we can’t.'”

The family says their neighbours in the neighbourhood also have built fireplaces at their house.

Sarah and her wife say they also used firework to decorating the inside of the home and outside.

“We were really, really upset about the way that we were treated,” said Mark.

“Because we were using our own home to decorates and decorate.

We thought we were doing the right thing.”

Mark says he’s been working for his family’s builder for about three years and has been told the building inspector told him that he has to make sure the firestarts are in the correct place and then put them back in the home.

“They said, ‘Well, that’s what you’re doing,'” said Mark, who is diabetic and has had insulin injections.

“I was really angry about that.”

The builder’s lawyer says that’s not true.

“This case has been a protracted one, and we have always had the right to proceed,” said lawyer Eric Gagnon.

“If they don’t want to build the firetowers and then we have to build them ourselves, we don’t have the right,” said Gagnons lawyer.

The home was purchased in 2016 and was constructed in 2018, the same year the couple were denied the right for a new licence.

The Gagnonts say the builder’s new lease expired in 2018.

The Gagnoni’s say they have been using their own firework, and that the builder has not been doing any of the work to install them.

“It was completely in the wrong place, and not what we were looking for,” said David.

“And we are not happy with the way they have done things.”

The couple has also been concerned about safety measures.

“They’re not only doing the wrong thing, they’re going to put the fireworks in our yard,” said Jacob.

“That’s not the way to do it.”

David said his daughter is very upset.

“When she hears it she says, ‘Oh, you’re making a big deal out of nothing,'” said Jacob, adding that his daughter and his wife are both diabetic.

“She says, you know what, I can’t handle this,” said John.

The building inspector said they are aware of the dispute and are investigating.

“I am not going there to make a ruling, but to resolve it,” said the inspector.

“This is a difficult issue and we’re very committed to resolving this dispute.

We want to make it right.”

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