Which Christmas decor will grinch bring home this year?

The Washington Post is investigating which Christmas decorations will grinches bring home with them this year.

The Post reported on Tuesday that two women who worked as decorators at the holiday events have posted about how they received gifts of Christmas decorations, with some receiving more than $20,000 worth of decorations.

The women said they received the decorations by mail from the Grinch.

The Post said they were told the gifts were delivered to the home of a “grinch” who was also working at the events.

The women told the Post they were also told by Grinch that they would be responsible for returning the decorations.

One of the women said she was told by the Grinches that it would be a $25,000 fee to return the decorations, and the other woman said she received a bill for $12,000 for “unclaimed decorations” from a local business.

Grinch employees, who were not identified by the Post, told the paper that they were not contacted by the women.

The Grinch, they said, had been working for the family since Christmas 2017.

The Grinch was born in Canada, the Post reported.

The newspaper said the grinch has been living in the United States for a while.

The couple has three children.

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