What you need to know about Thanksgiving decorations

A few days before Thanksgiving, a lot of people are going to the beach.

They will be there for the day and the holiday.

They will also be enjoying the sun, the breeze, and the food.

Theres a lot to look forward to.

It wont just be the usual Thanksgiving traditions.

There are a few special decorations going on in some of the beachfront spots this year.

First, there is the festive wooden lanterns that have been installed on the water.

These lanterns have been decorated with colorful, colourful flowers.

A special part of the lantern is that the flowers are arranged in a “circle”.

The flowers are a great way to say thanksgiving.

The word “thanksgiving” is pronounced “sho-gan-ay” meaning “thanks”, and the “day” in “thanks” means that there are lots of things going on.

The lanterns were installed on Monday night in the village of Pampas.

They are on the beach and they have been there since the evening.

The lanterns are designed to light up the beach from a distance and will light up during the day as well.

They also have a light show to bring out the spirit of the holiday, said Lorna Smith, a spokeswoman for the Pampasi Municipal Parks.

Pampas is one of the main tourist destinations in the town of Cebu, on the island of Mindanao.

It is the biggest resort town on the Mindanaan, home to a number of different islands and resorts.

There are over 400 islands and more than 30,000 visitors a day.

The Pampasa beaches are popular because they are surrounded by coral reefs and water features.

Theyre also a popular holiday destination for Filipinos because of the great beaches, said Smith.

There will also soon be a new holiday tradition at Pampamas beaches.

People are expected to go to the island’s beachfront to decorate their houses and homes.

People will go to Pampams beachfronts to decorating their homes.

They wont just decorate the house itself, theyll also decorate inside of the house, Smith said.

Pampapas beachfront is an important tourist spot for visitors.

Many people come to Pamps beachfront for the weekend and they are also there for weddings and other special occasions.

The Pampa Municipal Parks, which is located in Pampases town, has a few holiday traditions going on this year including the traditional Christmas Tree Lighting on the Island of Papan.

This tradition started in the late 1960s and it continues to this day, Smith explained.

People decorate trees on Pampaspas beaches during the holidays.

Smith said the Papan holiday tradition has become a tradition for people who live in the island.

People come to the Papas islands and decorate on the weekends and also on holidays.

The last time that Christmas trees were lit was in November of last year.

Papas also hosts the annual “pampa festival” which is a daylong celebration.

The festival is a celebration of the local culture, Smith added.

The island is also known for its traditional foods and its local cuisine.

The main food is the Pava-pampagas, which are rice noodles made with cooked ground rice.

It has a savory flavor and is very tasty, said Joseph Lopes, a resident of the Pampa municipality.

The noodles are eaten hot and then dipped in the sauce made from coconut milk and other spices.

Papa Papan is the main island of the Mindanoak archipelago in Mindanae province, a province in the southern part of Mindananao, and it is one the most popular destinations for Filipino families.

Papan has been a popular destination for Filipino tourists since the early days of the island, when it was known as Manila.

The islands are the mainstay of Filipinos vacation and the main attraction for visitors is the view from the islands, Lopes said.

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