What to do with a broken bedding box

A new piece of furniture has been donated to the U.S. Coast Guard after it was found broken and on the ground on a Florida beach.

The Coast Guard had been searching for the furniture for several days after a woman discovered it on a beach in Jacksonville, Florida.

The woman reported the item missing.

The couple, who have not been identified, told authorities that they discovered the bedding while cleaning up the beach and that it had been in the bottom of the ocean for at least four months.

The man told authorities he saw the box when he went fishing, and said he never saw it in person.

The box was reported stolen by someone else on July 8, according to the Coast Guard.

The family has donated the box to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the hopes that it will help authorities locate the owner.

The person who found the box, a man named Paul, told The Washington Post that he and his wife were trying to salvage the box from the beach when they noticed it was missing.

They then went to the home of the woman who reported the missing box to police, Paul told the Post.

When they searched for the box they found it.

The items they found were all broken and that the woman had put them in the trunk of her car.

They have since identified the missing items as a broken toilet and a broken mattress, but they have yet to release the names of the people who made the purchases.

Paul said the man who bought the items did not know the family.

He added that the family has not heard from the man since the purchase, so the man will have to wait until the Coast Guards gets a tip about his whereabouts before he can contact them.

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