What is a pumpkin decor sticker?

A sticker that says, “You can decorate your house with a pumpkins, but you can’t decorate it with a toilet paper dispenser,” according to the Washington Post.

The sticker has been widely popular online.

A Facebook page called “Pumpkin Decor” says that it has more than 6,000 likes and more than 9,000 shares.

On the website, it says that the sticker is “a fun, inexpensive and easy way to add a little whimsy to your home.”

It says that you can decorates your home with a pumpkin, and that it works great as a decorative wall decor sticker.

However, some people have had trouble decorating their home without one.

“This sticker is just too much of a hassle to do,” one person wrote on a page called, “I have no idea how to decorate my house without a toilet.”

Another said, “Pumping up the kids is the only thing that’s going to bring them to a house with an ugly toilet paper wall.

So if I can’t use a toilet, I’m stuck with this.”

It was not immediately clear how many people had posted on the “I don’t know how to” page.

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