Steel Roots is the new Steel Roots

By Liz Mancuso, News EditorPublished Mar 03, 2018 05:02:06Steel Roots has been a household name in Australia for over 20 years.

It’s become synonymous with Sydney and Melbourne, and has become a regular fixture on television.

Its a bit like the first season of The X Factor.

You’ve been a fan for a while, and it just comes out and it’s so, so much fun.

The series is filmed in Australia and is broadcast on Channel Seven.

Its not just about the people and the food, but the stories and the characters that make up the Steel Roots universe.

We wanted to show the whole world and the world’s people how much fun it is to be in a steel garden, to be around the steel roots and to feel the way the steel root plants react to you.

Steel Roots is one of the most well-known Australian television shows, and its success is a testament to how good the cast are, the actors and the crew.

Its hard to be a Steel Roots fan without seeing some of the characters on the show, so we wanted to give you an idea of what we’ve got.

A look at some of our favourite Steel Roots charactersThe Steel Roots cast is a great mix of kids and adults.

The kids are just fantastic, they’re very friendly and they’re really smart and funny.

They’re really, really funny.

We have a good mix of different ages and different abilities and we’ve put a lot of energy into the kids.

They’re just so funny, and we get to play with their personalities and their energy.

We also have a really talented young actor who plays the role of Steve, and he’s a fantastic kid.

I think the kid’s voice, and the way he’s playing it, it’s just so unique and it makes the whole show so good.

Its all very exciting, because the show is so different from anything else.

It is so new to Australia, and so much of the show’s story has to be set here.

We are very fortunate in that we can be so involved in the production and so close to the production, and I think it makes it such a special show for us.

We’re very close to where we are filming the first episode of Steel Roots.

Its in Sydney, and that’s where we’re filming all the Steelroots stuff, which is quite a big project.

So we’re a very lucky bunch of people, and they make it so special, and a great production.

So, the cast, its a really great group, and everyone is very supportive of each other and has been incredibly supportive of us.

Its been very, very hard.

Its great to have a cast of all these different ages, and different types of people on the team, and Steve is the main character.

Steve is a young boy who is the son of a local barber and a steel-gathering expert.

He has a crush on a girl named Sarah, and decides to move in with her.

They live in a little house in the mountains, and she is the only person he knows.

He lives alone in the house, and tries to get away from his sister, and his dad.

Steve gets very excited about Sarah and loves her, but she has a tough time accepting him and he does his best to help her.

He’s the best friend of Sarah’s, he loves her dearly, and is always trying to help out her.

We all know what he’s been through.

He is a really happy boy, and very much into making his dreams come true.

Its quite a difficult journey, and Sarah’s relationship with Steve is complicated.

She doesn’t trust him, and hates him for having a crush.

She is not the only one who has had problems with Steve, Sarah has a girlfriend named Sophie, who is not as supportive.

She’s a little bit of a tomboy.

Sophie is the one who is very much in charge of Steve and is the kind of girl who is really supportive of him.

Sophie is very, a little shy and a bit of an odd girl, so she’s a bit more of a distance-type person, so Steve has to take care of Sophie a lot.

Sarah has been very supportive, and knows that Steve loves her and he loves Sarah, but they dont have a relationship, so they are not really able to talk to each other.

Sarah is not a very good mother, and her boyfriend Steve is very abusive, and sometimes she feels like she has to hide from Steve.

She does feel that Steve is really, very close with her, and loves to play games with her and watch her and get her to do things for him.

Sarah does try to talk Steve out of hurting her, so he can help her out with her relationship.

She and Steve have been best friends for a long time, and now they have to learn how to get along together, and get back to normal

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