Rustic wall decorations at homecoming parade ‘a symbol of our nation’

A rustic mural that was commissioned by the U.S. military in honor of graduating cadets at the U-M system has been decorated with letters from the graduating class.

The mural, located on the roof of the new Veterans Memorial Gymnasium in South Lake Tahoe, California, was unveiled this week and depicts cadets, former members of the military, and U.N. ambassador Samantha Power.

The words “V.P. for peace” and “the greatest nation on Earth” are written in chalk in large letters across the wall and in the ceiling, the Associated Press reported.

The installation was commissioned in 2009 by the Army in honor the graduating classes of the Ummah Military Academy in the desert town of Groom.

The military is currently remodeling the building to honor its graduates, but officials are not expected to begin work until early next year.

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