How to make your own lemon decor

You’ve never seen a lemon like this before.

It’s the centerpiece of your French country decor collection and it’s also very easy to make.

The only ingredients you’ll need are fresh lime juice and a lemon that’s at least three days old.

Start by chopping the fresh lime and the lemon slices and then slice them.

The slices should have a thin, clean skin that’s not rough or bruised.

It’s important to use the lemon juice that’s already sitting in the refrigerator.

After the slices are chopped, peel the lemon into small pieces.

The strips should be slightly smaller than the lemon.

Then slice the strips in half lengthwise.

You want to cut them to the same length so that you can separate the pieces and add the fresh juice.

The lemon pieces should be about two inches apart and the slices should be roughly the same thickness.

Then cut the strips into two strips each about an inch thick.

You should now have three strips of fresh lime.

Now cut the slices in half and cut them into two pieces.

This should now be a strip of fresh lemon.

Now slice each strip in half again, cutting it in half.

Then chop the strips to about an eighth of an inch.

These two strips should now all be about the same width.

You can also do this by cutting one strip at a time, and cutting the strips along the way.

You’ll end up with four strips.

Now place the strips of lemon in the fridge for three days.

If the strips are old enough that they’re still fresh, you can slice them again and start adding the fresh lemon juice.

You may want to add a little more fresh lemon because the lemon will take on the flavor of the lemon you’re using.

You may want this to add the extra lime flavor that the lemon adds to the lemonade.

When the strips have been chilled, they should be soft and shiny and they should not have any pulp or stickiness.

You don’t want them to be mushy, but they will be.

Now start to make the lemon dressing.

Cut up the strips, making sure they’re all the same size.

You might want to make it a little smaller so that it can fit into the fridge without getting too large.

Then add a few tablespoons of lemon juice to the dressing.

Add the lemon pieces and the strips back to the fridge and add more lemon juice until the dressing is thick enough to coat the lemon strips.

You can use this dressing to make an ice cream cone, or you can make it into a cake or topper.

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