How to make your home look like your closet, bathroom, or bedroom in the style of your childhood

You know when your home’s design and furniture are so simple and straight forward that you’re just in awe of the amount of thought, effort, and detail that goes into it?

Well, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about it.

Here are some ideas to get you started. 

A modern kitchen with a classic French cabinet. 

Catch this retro-inspired kitchen from Vintage Kitchen Magazine for the next month or two.

The French cabinet is so retro it’s a great starting point for you to learn how to make a modern kitchen. 

Here’s another beautiful cabinet from GQ Style magazine that is from the 1940s.

It’s a beautiful addition to any room. 

There are plenty of great things to look at in your closet. 

I love the way this beautiful antique chair in a drawer is set up. 

This vintage chair is from Wooden Chairs &c. magazine. 

It’s a perfect addition to your living room.

It comes with a cabinet with vintage charm and looks amazing when finished. 

When you’re finished with your bathroom, it’s time to get serious about the kitchen.

This modern-style kitchen has all the basics that you need to get started: cabinets, sink, and countertop. 

What to keep in your pantry? 

Here are some pantry staples to start with. 

Bamboo floor mats are great for the bathroom and kitchen.

They add a little extra character and add some personality to your kitchen.

A great addition to the pantry are those old fashioned wooden storage bags. 

The wooden storage containers are so fun to look after.

They make the kitchen feel cozy and inviting and make it easy to move items around. 

You can buy wooden storage boxes from Pantry Warehouse for around $5. 

Want to make the pantries look more modern and modern-inspired?

These classic wooden storage chests from Auction House are an easy and inexpensive way to add some modern flair to your pantries. 

These classic wooden chests from Auctions House are a great addition for the living room of your living space. 

Paint the walls in a variety of colors. 

If you want to make these decorating tips a little more permanent, you can buy these spray paint cans from Ikea for around £5.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to decorate your living spaces. 

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