How to Make Black Forest Decor With DIY Black Forest Wallpaper

Steel roots decor and garden furniture are often used to decorate an outdoor fall shower or garden patio.

Here’s how to make it yourself using DIY black forest wallpaper, or black forest furniture for that matter.1.

Make a black forest wall paper.

You can purchase black forest ornaments at most hardware stores for under $5.

If you don’t have any at home, you can purchase the white paper at home supply stores or a fabric store.

Use white paper for black forest.

It has a darker color and is easier to clean.2.

Use the black forest for wallpaper.

For a more subtle effect, you could use a black fabric for the black fabric.

This way, you won’t see the black wallpaper.3.

Use a white fabric for a black wall.

For an overall black effect, use a white sheet or fabric.4.

Use an electrician to cut the white fabric.5.

Cut the fabric.6.

Use electrical tape or a painter’s tape to secure the black cloth.7.

Place the black wood on top of the fabric and secure with electrical tape.8.

Enjoy your DIY black wood decoration.

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