How to decorate your house with a christmas tree outside the Christmas tree

We’ve all seen it.

Your favourite tree that always looks like it’s got a big pile of Christmas decorations around it.

Or maybe it’s a tree that has a giant red Santa Claus head on it.

The fact is that there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s just plain annoying.

Christmas decorations are pretty much everywhere these days, and that’s why we’re here to tell you how to make them look even better.

And, if you want to look like Santa himself, that’s totally up to you.

The first step is to find a Christmas tree that you can decorate yourself.

Here’s what you’ll need: 1 tree (you can use a tree, a tree stand, or whatever else you like) 1 tin of tin foil 1 tin foil can of wax paper 1 large bag of wax papers (I used a bunch of different ones) 1 candle or lantern 1 big bowl of sugar 1 tin (or smaller) of sugar (or whatever else) You may also want to try the following items: white sugar 1 small bag of white sugar 3-5 large bags of white chocolate chips, or any other white chocolate (I bought a bunch in bulk) You’ll also need a bit of glitter (I’ve used glitter glue, but you could also use food coloring, which I didn’t use, but I’m sure you could) A little bit of glue and a few paper clips (you may also need to get a bit more than this, but that’s just up to preference.)

To decorate the tree, you’ll want to lay a large piece of wax foil on top of the tree.

I used a large bowl of tin for this, so it was a good size.

I made a big hole in the tin and stuck it in there, too.

Then, I cut a piece of white cardboard out of a piece that I had lying around.

It’s really easy to do this.

Just cut a large strip of cardboard, then cut out a section that you want the Christmas ornament to go in.

This will make a little hole for the wax paper to go into.

You can also use paper towels, but then it’s going to be a bit messy.

I cut my wax paper into small strips, too, so I had plenty to use.

I put the wax on top and put it on top again.

You should now have a bunch on top, one on each side of the tin, and two strips of white paper on top.

Now you can lay the tin foil on the cardboard and then the white paper.

This is how the tree will look.

If you’ve got a few other Christmas decorations on the tree (such as a tree with a Santa hat on top), it’s also perfectly fine to put a few more Christmas decorations in.

Next, you can get the sugar.

I got some orange-yellow candy bars from my local health food store, which are about 3.5g per bar.

I’ve cut them into pieces and then filled them with sugar.

Then I just used some sugar to fill the sugar strips with.

If your tree is too tall, just try using smaller pieces.

Once the sugar is in, you want it to be at least slightly sticky, and not completely dry.

That’s because sugar sticks to everything, so you want as little of it sticking as possible.

Put a small amount of glue on one side of one of the sugar sheets, then put the other side of that sheet on top as well.

You want it so that the glue covers the wax, so that you have a pretty nice seal on the wax.

If it doesn’t stick, you might need to cut some of the wax strips off.

I did this with the white candy bars, so they had a little bit on one end and a bit on the other.

If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry about it.

Then put the cardboard on top to keep it from sliding around.

Then the wax is glued in place.

The wax paper has to be nice and dry on the inside of the box, but still allow some air to circulate.

That way, it won’t drip all over the place.

If the wax turns white, it’s too dry, and you can simply re-glue the wax piece onto the cardboard.

Then glue the wax back on.

You’ll notice that the wax will look a little more shiny when it’s re-used.

Next you want a bit extra glue, as well as some paper clips.

You may have a little leftover glue from last year’s tree, or you can just use some leftover paper.

Just get your scissors and cut out some pieces that look like they’ve got some glue on them.

Then use a sharpie or other sharpener to cut out your decorations.

Once you have your decorations cut out, you’re ready to go!

Make sure they’re all pretty much the same size, too! You can

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