How to decorate your Christmas tree

A tree decorated in Christmas lights and wrapped in a white shroud may look pretty, but it can be a bit daunting.

Here are 10 tips to help you get started.


Start with the most popular decorations The decorations most likely to be chosen by people are the ones with the best popularity.

“The decorations that have the most popularity are usually those that are the most affordable,” says Jill Ziemba, co-owner of Decoratize, a company that specializes in Christmas decorations.

Decorations that cost $50 or less can be pretty cheap, and decorations with high sales can be quite popular.

But be aware of your budget, as some of the more expensive decorations can be expensive.

“Most people tend to choose the cheapest and most common decorations and then only pick a few,” Ziembacha says.


Make it easy to purchase and organize decorations If you’re looking to decorates your house or your yard, Ziembas recommends starting with the easiest decor to buy.

She suggests buying a bunch of different things and arranging them in a way that’s easy to put together.

Decoration should always be easy to assemble, and you can usually find inexpensive pieces of fabric, or cardboard boxes for large items.


Keep the Christmas season fun “It’s a lot of fun to make fun decorations, but you also want to make sure that it’s not too expensive to do it, too,” Zemba says.

“It can be more fun to decorat a house or a yard if you’re not spending so much money.”


Don’t forget the gifts that you love “Decorating a house and a yard can be really fun if you keep things simple,” Zemsba says, “and don’t spend too much on decorations.

You want to create an experience where you can enjoy the holiday season.”


Don, don’t forget, and don’t be afraid to ask questions Decorating Christmas lights can be fun, but if you don’t know where to start, Zembas recommends asking questions about decorating and buying items.

“Ask questions about the decor and where to find it,” she says.

Zemsbac says she has also found that the more you ask, the more fun she gets from the experience.

“Decorate is a lot like playing a game of Telephone,” Zebsba says with a laugh.


Decorate the house with different holiday-themed items Decorators can have their Christmas lights decorated in any style, and they can have different gifts and decorations to choose from.

Zembba has found that most people prefer white or bright red holiday decorations.

But if you prefer a more subdued or more neutral look, Zemsbas suggests picking out an entire room for your decorations.


Choose the right gift for your decorating The decorations that can be the most fun to do are the one that have a lot in common with the people who decorate it, Zebbsa says, like the traditional decorations, the traditional holiday gift or the seasonal items.

The decorations with the least in common will usually have little to no seasonal appeal, and are usually more expensive.

Zebbbsa suggests buying the same items over and over again.


Decide on the type of decorations that you want to buy Decorator Zemsbsa recommends shopping around for the best decor for you.

“If you have a room with a lot Christmas decorations, you’re probably going to want a white or dark red Christmas tree,” she explains.

“But if you want a tree that’s more of a light, white, or a little bit of gray Christmas, that may be the way to go.”

If you don, however, the best choice might be something with more in common, like a red or white or a blue Christmas tree.

Ziembsa adds that you can also try different types of Christmas trees for different decorating needs.

“I always buy a variety of different decorations,” Zabbsa explains.


Decryers can make Christmas decorations affordable and fun “You can also go the extra mile and make Christmas more affordable,” Zsibbsa tells ABC News.

“You don’t have to spend thousands on a lot and have it all painted.”

Decorates can be customized to your needs, such as a custom Christmas tree, a gift card, or personalized holiday cards, Zsibera says with more tips for finding the best Christmas decor.


Decinate the tree with lots of friends Decorate with friends and family and you may find yourself able to make your holiday more festive and more affordable.

Decors can also be purchased together as a group, which makes the decorating experience more memorable.

“There are also people that decorate with their family and friends, and the whole family gets a lot more involved,” Zzesbera says of decorating with friends.

Decorative options for Christmas decorations

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