How to buy your 50th birthday decor

By Linda LautenschlagerFor the first time, the UK’s most famous house has been remodelled, and its owners are celebrating its 50th anniversary with a party.

The house was built in 1885 by the French-born architect Louis Dupont-Lautenscheider and is a masterpiece of modernist design, with its soaring glass ceilings and opulent kitchen.

It was named the most important building in Britain by Guinness World Records in 2005 and is one of the most visited landmarks in the capital.

The £500 million refurbishment was announced on Monday by the owners, the Dupont family, which also owns the National Trust, a museum, and the Royal Horticultural Society.

The decorators were able to bring in the best in modernist style, with a new kitchen, new bath, and new bedroom, while also restoring the interior and lighting the space.

The new rooms were originally made from wood and then coated with silver paint.

The paint was then poured onto the ceiling, and there were new floors.

The renovation was described by the Dupons as a “cultural moment”.

The Duponts also said the new kitchens had been refurbished to include more contemporary design elements and the new bath had been decorated with gold leaf.

There are also plans to create a museum at the site and open a branch of the National Gallery.

The family is also working on plans to expand the grounds and to create an outdoor garden, and plans are in place for the refurbishment to be carried out by a private company.

“The Dupont house is so much more than just a house and it’s a magnificent and very historic place.

We’re looking forward to sharing the experience of this milestone with the wider community and to see the legacy of this magnificent home,” said Julie Dupont, the family’s chief executive.

Dupont-Maltin said the renovation was the result of the Dupront family’s passion for art and architecture, and that their “passion for this magnificent and beautiful building has led to its exceptional legacy”.

The house will be transformed into a “museum of art” in the autumn of 2020, and will be opened to the public.

It will include a collection of works from the family, as well as some of their other heritage properties.

The renovations will also create a “new public space” and the Dupertons are looking forward “to the moment of the building’s completion and the opening of the new public space, and also of the refurbished public space”.

The Dupronts will have the opportunity to celebrate the milestone with an event on Saturday night, which will include live music and talks on the renovations and the history of the house.

The Duperton family has also created a scholarship fund to support the renovation.

The fund will give out the first £100,000 to students who are considering a career in architecture.

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