Dad’s birthday cake decorates his birthday cake

Dad’s favorite holiday decor is to decorate his cake with blue Christmas decorations.

The Dad’s Day Cake, a gift for the Dad who has been blessed with a blue Christmas decoration, has made him feel happy.

The Dad, a resident of Pudukottai village in Chikamuni, was happy to see his cake decorated with the blue Christmas decor.

“It is a very sentimental cake, which my family and I loved to decorating and it has made my son happy,” he said.

The birthday cake was gifted by the Dad to his daughter-in-law for her birthday in February this year.

The birthday cake, with a total of 100 pieces, was presented to the Dad’s daughter- in-law on his 70th birthday.

The cake is decorated with a Christmas tree and Christmas tree ornament.

The father was happy with the birthday cake.

“We have a blue cake which we decorated with red Christmas decorations,” he added.

The cake was given by the father to his son-in law on his birthday in March this year for his birthday.

“This is the best birthday cake I have ever seen.

I am very happy with it.

The decorating was so nice and the cake was beautifully decorated,” the Dad said.

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