Christmas light decorations are the new decorations for office space

Christmas lights have become a new decorating trend for offices, as businesses seek to make a splash.

The festive light decorations have become trendy in recent years as businesses look for ways to draw customers.

“You don’t want to be seen with your Christmas lights in your office,” said Anna Denton, a professional photographer who works in Canberra.

“If it’s Christmas Day, it’s not going to be pretty.”

A large portion of Canberra’s office space is currently covered in Christmas lights.

“I think the Christmas lights are great because they are very, very colourful,” Ms Denton said.

“The festive lights are something you can just throw over the whole floor, they’re like a piece of art.”

Christmas light decorations in the capitalA Christmas light can be found in most Canberra offices, with some even going so far as to decorate their own offices.

Ms Denton has decorated her own office with an eclectic collection of Christmas lights including a Christmas tree and a red balloon.

“It’s just the perfect Christmas gift for anyone, it makes them feel special and I think it’s a really lovely Christmas ornament,” Ms Molloy said.

A Christmas tree can also be found at a Canberra business, with the owner taking pride in its unique appearance.

“They are really pretty,” Ms Rau said.

In the CBD, many offices have a large Christmas tree, but the decorations in those offices are much more subdued.

“In my office it’s quite normal, you can’t really see it because it’s covered with Christmas lights,” Ms Hargrove said.

It is also a trend in Perth, where many businesses have decorated their offices with a large and colourful Christmas tree.

“A lot of my clients are not happy with the lights because they feel that it’s distracting,” Ms Kavanagh said.

There are also some decorations that are very festive, but not all office decorators want to decorue their office with them.

“For some people, it might be a little bit of a pain, because they don’t like the way they look when it’s too bright,” Ms Coyle said.

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